LaShonda Stinson
Assistant Principal, Round Rock ISD
LaShonda Stinson is an Assistant Principal in Round Rock ISD with nearly a decade of service in this community. LaShonda is originally from Longview, Texas and relocated to attend The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and UTeach certification. LaShonda earned a Master of Education in Administration from Lamar University. She is deeply engaged in educational and racial equity work in Central Texas. She believes it is important to know the history and its impact on the community in which she serves. She values self reflection and unpacking her own biases, beliefs, and values in an effort to effectively serve her community. As an educator, LaShonda is an advocate for equitable outcomes for children and dedicated to empowering families and educators by helping them to cultivate a racial and educational equity lens by way of resources such as seminars, professional learning opportunities, book studies, and advocacy through equity teams. LaShonda has a zeal to cultivate an inclusive, thriving school environment where student-needs are prioritized and addressed. As a co-founding member of Round Rock ISD’s first Equity Team at Round Rock HS,LaShonda eagerly supports many of her colleagues across the district in their efforts to make conscious efforts to improve school practices, identify needs, and redesign systems of inequity through a community model. LaShonda leads with compassion, integrity, and sensitivity realizing students, families, educators, and staff are navigating a myriad of experiences to which an inclusive campus culture and district is a must.