Lindsey Zischkale
Mental Health and Disability Policy Professional

Lindsey Zischkale has worked throughout the public mental health and developmental disability service delivery system in Texas, having previously served as the Implementation and Policy Specialist for the Home and Community-Based Services- Adult Mental Health program at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health at UT-Austin, a personal care attendant in the Medically Dependent Children’s Program, a Qualified Mental Health Professional for Denton County’s Mobile Crisis Outreach Team, and as an Associate Psychologist III at the Austin State Supported Living Center. She currently works doing community outreach regarding disability policy for state government. Her work focuses on the intersection of intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) and mental health diagnoses, and ways to bring competent, accessible care to everyone. As a young breast cancer survivor, she is animated by the need to bring health care- including mental health care- to all. Lindsey received her Masters of Public Affairs at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, housed at UT-Austin. She earned her Master of Psychology from the University of Dallas in 2011. Lindsey lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Aaron and their very important dog, Mr. Pickles. They enjoy long hikes and begging Mr. Pickles to please, for once, just calm down and go to sleep.