Lucia Rodriguez Alvizo
Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition Coordinator , Entrepreneur - Soap maker, Heartland Family Service
Lucia J Rodriguez Alvizo is the Coordinator for the Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition where she assists in the oversight and implementation of state funded Douglas County tobacco prevention work plans, facilitates operations and collaboration, leads organizational strengthening efforts, and coordinates communications, public relations, and outreach strategies. Prior to her current position, Lucia worked on a wide-range of projects that focused on health and well-being including health education, child and maternal health, and digital story-telling. While pursuing her Master in Public Health, she was a teaching assistant and engaged in undergraduate admission application reading, curriculum development, and student services focused on serving students of color with the goal of creating equity, diversity, and inclusion within the graduate student body. Lucia is excited for new experiences and subsequent personal and professional growth. Tending to her plants, eating delicious food, dancing, enjoying candles, having clean floors, and making soaps bring joy to Lucia.