Mahdi Kassam
Passionate about public affairs, federal and state government, and legislative analysis

Mahdi Kassam has built his education and early career on youth-activism and legislative change through political engagement. In his time at the University of Florida (UF), Mahdi's role in Student Government and in leadership focused on empowering diverse collectives, building common ground, and lobbying for policy-specific change on the state and national level. As Vice President of UF's AIPAC-affiliation organization, Mahdi successfully oversaw fundraising strategy and donor relations management for the entire 35 student cadre, refining a skill-set that ultimately would lay the foundation for his future development. After finishing UF, Mahdi would use his proficiency in fundraising, state policy, and executive leadership to be the Finance Director for attorney and Democratic Nominee for Florida House District 29, Tracey Kagan. At the very height and inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mahdi pioneered Ms. Kagan's fundraising efforts to eclipse other statewide Democrats, even that of incumbents. Having made a splash with the team, Mahdi's contributions to the campaign eventually earned him a promotion to Campaign Manager, thus leading one of the most expensive State House races ever conducted in Florida, at an unprecedented level of $850K. With a specific expertise on Osceola, Seminole, Orange, and Volusia county, Mahdi Kassam is a forward-thinking, energetic manager adept at recruiting, training, and organizing teams to achieve dynamic goals within strict schedules. Leveraging his professional growth and quick-learner mentality, Mahdi Kassam also dedicates time to give back to his community. Mahdi is actively involved with his UF alumni organizations including Project Makeover Inc., a service nonprofit dedicated to revitalizing public schools in-need. With the intent to head towards legislative and government affairs, Mahdi Kassam is working to curate his portfolio in Florida politics before transitioning to the federal level. When he's not working to fix inequitable systems, he usually has his headphones on, making a beat or listening to one. He's a recovering Bang Energy drinker, an amateur iPhone photographer, and if things had taken off when he was 11, he'd be editing music videos on YouTube instead. Ask him about how his other passions of luxury consignment stores, day hiking, or using the entire Google Suite to plan a vacation.