Mahogany Ellis-Crutchfield
Project and Portfolio Manager, Cargill, Inc
Mahogany Ellis-Crutchfield is a native Minnesotan and spent her adolescent split between Minneapolis and St. Paul. She received a bachelor's degree in Political Science along with a minor in business from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Mahogany has spent her career at Cargill Incorporated, a local private organization focused on nourishing the world through agriculture. She has held various roles in Strategy, Trading, and Product Management and currently works as a Project Manager in their North American oils division. Mahogany’s service to her community has consistently supported youth-focused organizations. She is the former Vice President and is now a general board member of Cargill’s Junior Achievement Council, and in addition she has been an active member of Big Brothers Big Sisters for many years. She served as a board member for West Side Community Clinics and went to Washington D.C. to advocate for the organization’s “health care for all” mission on the hill. In early 2020 Mahogany received appointment to Hennepin County’s inaugural Race Equity and Advisory Council. This group was specifically formed to help Hennepin County address racial disparities. In many of the organizations that Mahogany works with, the focus is on giving kids a sense of purpose and belief in themselves, while empowering them to envision a successful future. Mahogany continues to embrace new opportunities to build upon her activism and direct her passion for advocating that youth in her community see themselves represented in a meaningful and intentional way. Mahogany intends to be the change that she wants to see in her community, and looks forward to using new resources and thought partnership to help chart a clear course forward to truly begin addressing this urgent need.