Malick Gaye
Senior Policy Analyst, Tennessee General Assembly
Malick Gaye is the Senior Policy Analyst for the Tennessee Senate Democratic Caucus. He also serves as an advisor to Senator Raumesh Akbari, Chairwoman of the caucus. Prior to his current role, Malick served as an aide to Senator Katrina Robinson and the late Reginald Tate. Malick is proud to have served six years in the US Army as a combat medic. Prior to his engagement in state government, Malick studied psychology and natural science at the University of Memphis. Outside of his work in state policy, Malick is actively engaged in democratic politics in his state. In the last election cycle, he supported candidates from all corners of the state. Alongside numerous passionate and experienced organizers, he helped flip the first State Senate seat in over a decade. Political engagement is a key focus of Malick’s work. He believes an educated and engaged populace is necessary to protect our democracy and ward against political demagoguery. He encourages bipartisanship in lawmaking and prioritizes working with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. Malick is proud to be a first-generation American and sees multiculturalism as one of America’s strongest assets. His parents have spent decades in public and higher education and his siblings study microbiology and physics in the Ivy Leagues. In his free time, Malick enjoys debating, studying voting trends in communities of color, and writing novellas in his native languages.