Maliza Kalema
College & Career Coordinator; School Partnership Liason Manager, AchieveMpls
Maliza Kalema earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Howard University and did her teaching residency through the Urban Teachers Program at Johns Hopkins School of Education. Upon graduating, she joined DC Prep Academy charter network and grew as a math special education teacher. She's passionate about service and has completed two full-time Americorp terms of domestic service all focused on creating more equitable outcomes in education. Leveraging her years as a special educator, she's served in a variety of capacities serving youth and families within the juvenile justice and foster care system. Her passion is fueled through an ethos of persistence towards educational equity and access. She's found educational and non-profit management to be home and continues to be a leader of service and ambition for continuous improvement and implementation. Currently, Maliza serves as a college and career coordinator with AchieveMpls in Minneapolis public schools and as a school partnership liaison for the MN Parent Union. She also serves as a strategic partner for grass-root community organizing and political campaign efforts throughout the state, offering a strong high-performance track record of results for implementation, campaign management, and strategic planning.