Marc Anthony Robinson
Teacher, SFUSD/Willie Brown Middle School
Marc Anthony Robinson is an Afro-Indigenous Educator from the San Francisco Bay Area. His passion for youth advocacy and Indigenous sovereignty reverberates through every community he joins. Providing students with life lessons that reach far beyond the confines of a classroom is his superpower. Marc Anthony’s connection to ancestral wisdom fused with a humble relatability ensures that all of his students feel safe, respected and affirmed. By providing his students with unwavering support through any obstacles they face; it creates a unique vortex where the youth feel free to truly be themselves. Born and raised in Vallejo, California, he is a product of the public-school system. As a Black Man, his experiences within the school system has shaped the lens through which he advocates for the youth. His success is directly connected to the Black Educators that mentored him throughout high school. Sankofa is the anchor in which keeps Marc Anthony grounded in his abilities to serve. Marc Anthony firmly believes that it takes a village to raise a child. Teaching within the school system allows him to combat racism and inequity, directly. His community-based approach to education positively impacts future leaders in a tangible way. To continue to be a beacon of light, one must consistently engage in the ritual of self-care. Marc Anthony uses yoga, hiking and gardening as healing practices. These few healing tools are just some examples that allow him to continue to serve at an elevated capacity. However, his greatest healing tool is his marriage. His wife has created a divine balance for him. To take care of the community you must first be able to take care of the home. Ase.