Marco Villegas
Director, Encima Neighborhood Building
Marco Villegas started his career at JPMorgan as an equity research analyst and at Accenture as a Strategy Consultant, and then transitioned to preserving affordable housing in neighborhoods at risk of gentrification. Marco grew up in a New York City community of color where the vast majority of high school graduates will not be able to afford to stay in their own neighborhoods. Since moving to Dallas, he noticed this pattern of displacing people of color also occurring. As a result, he made it his mission to contribute to preserving the character of these communities, which have embodied inclusiveness. He has done so by creating and directing Tenant Landlord Connect (TLC), a fellowship to train landlords in becoming the next generation of change agents in their community. It is also a property maintenance and management apprenticeship for tenants. Landlords learn to identify and leverage the human capital in their affordable income properties to unleash economic prosperity and an improved quality of life.