Marcus Gaines-Cherry
Criminal Justice LIaison, Highmark Health
Marcus Gaines is a three-time Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and has obtained both a Master's in Social Work and Juris Doctorate from the University. Currently, Marcus works as the Criminal Justice Liaison for Highmark Health's Homelessness Health Prevention Initiative. Additionally, in 2019 Marcus co-founded Bishop and Gaines Grant Writing and Consulting, a grant writing firm specializing in the creation of grant eligible program incentives. Through Bishop and Gaines, Marcus hopes to aid schools, non-profits, and entrepreneurs looking to serve the youth, elderly, homeless, and other marginalized populations. Professionally, Marcus has an interest in investigating the intersection between health, education, social justice, and the unequal criminal representation of minorities living in underserved communities around the greater Pittsburgh area and nationwide. As a broader career goal, Marcus hopes to research and dismantle obstacles negatively impacting access to health services, stable housing, effective education, and social justice for disadvantaged populations. Marcus holds the earnest belief that policy reformation is necessary to begin to change the tapestry of America and make education, civil rights, and criminal justice beneficial to all citizens. Marcus is excited to begin the learning journey with the New Leaders Council and is eager to continue assisting underserved populations while continuing to strive for social justice and policing reform.