Maria-Jose Ramirez
Entrepreneur, Consultant, MJ Performance Consulting
Dr. Maria Jose Ramirez works with high performance professionals such as doctors, lawyers, traders, CEOs, athletes and musicians, and any professionals who have to think clearly in high stakes situations. She developed a system to support high performance professionals to develop a sharpened focus and the mindset to consistently reach peak performances in any situation. Her experiences as an athlete, CrossFit Instructor, experiential educator, mental performance coach, and her international experiences living, studying and working in 4 different countries, helps her to easily relate to a variety of people and encourage others to break their mental barriers and achieve their full potential. She is passionate about teaching and learning. One of the main lessons she has learned is that in order to perform consistently at a high level, people need to move away from outcome-based thinking and focus on the task at hand and what is under their control in the present moment which will lead to higher performance, consistency, resiliency, more fun, and ultimately more satisfaction in the chosen field and in life. Dr. Ramirez is the owner of MJ Performance Consulting and creator of the podcast in Spotify Alcanza Tu Excelencia (Achieving Your Excellence). She runs several programs for high performers (Achieving Your Potential, Mental Toughness), women entrepreneurs (Mastermind: Women Who Inspire) and people who want to develop a positive life (Positive Living Skills, Embracing Your Potential) teaching the mental skills to perform at a high level and have a meaningful life. She has been interviewed multiple times on TV, and in newspapers and radio and in 2016 she spoke at the General Assembly of the United Nations. She has a PhD from The Pennsylvania State University, where she researched the long-term influence of youth expeditions in participants’ lives (30+ years later) developing a model using self-determination theory to explain how those influences occurred and how other youth organizations have a long lasting influence in their programs. Dr. Ramirez also has a Master’s in Human Kinetics, Concentration and Intervention in Sport, Physical Activity and Health from the University of Ottawa in Canada, and a Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile. Dr. Maria Jose Ramirez is originally from Santiago, Chile and she currently lives with her husband in Morgantown, West Virginia.