Mayte Aldrett
She/Her; They/Them
Economic Justice Organizer, Centro de Trabajadores Unidos
Mayte Aldrett is an Economic Justice Organizer at Centro de Trabajadores Unidos, and is responsible for plugging South Chicago communities into cooperative and solidarity economy organizing, providing outreach to low-wage workers, and coordinating organizational leadership activities. She is taking the lead on her organization’s incubator for emerging workers’ cooperatives on the East Side, as community members learn and engage with alternatives to exploitive capitalism. Previously, she served as a Census Organizer for Civic Nebraska in Omaha, Nebraska, where met NLC alumni and fellows. She ended up in Nebraska on a fellowship after graduating from Carleton College, where she had the joyous opportunity to teach and learn with youth at Girls Inc. on issues of environmental justice. After the fellowship, she moved to Chicago in search of a new home to finally plant roots. She was born and raised on the east side of Houston, Texas, where her surroundings largely shaped her lifelong passions and goals. Her community, neighboring one of the largest ports in the world as well as various chemical and petroleum refineries, has allowed her to discover how environmental and economic injustices have impacted her, her family, and her greater community. She has participated and worked with several non profits across Houston performing quantitative and qualitative research on public health matters in marginalized communities.