Michalyn Easter-Thomas
Instructional Facilitator/City Councilwoman, Shelby County Schools/City of Memphis

Michalyn Easter-Thomas is a public school educator and community advocate, currently serving as the Memphis City Councilwoman for District 7. As the youngest African-American to be elected to the Memphis City Council, Michalyn is proud to work alongside her colleagues to make Memphis a more equitable place to live. Her current push for equity focuses on economic access, housing development, and the support of youth initiatives in the city and public education. Michalyn is also the founder of the nonprofit Our Grass Our Roots, which seeks to resist gentrification in North Memphis through transformative collaboration across neighborhoods. Her nonprofit work has allowed formidable partnerships to flourish in the North Memphis area, while neighbors work towards progress all across the community. She is also a member of various boards that work towards the betterment of the city of Memphis as a whole. Michalyn is passionate about civic engagement, and supports various initiatives in the Memphis area. Michalyn is happily married to Darren Thomas II. They met at Central High School in Memphis, TN and currently reside in Michalyn's childhood neighborhood of North Memphis.