Michelle Wright
Interim Director of Policy and Advocacy, National Harm Reduction Coalition
Michelle Wright is an unapologetically Black, Masculine of Center, lesbian who adores uplifting and amplifying the voices of Black folks, especially those on the margins. As the Interim Director of Policy and Advocacy for the National Harm Reduction Coalition, she is responsible for ensuring the advancement of effective harm reduction policies at the local, state, and federal level by supporting state and local advocates working in their communities as well as NHRC staff engaged in direct advocacy for people who use drugs and people who trade sex. Ultimately, she wants to see her folks well-served and well-protected. Previously, Michelle has worked at the intersections of anti-Black, social justice and queer advocacy, as a trainer, organizer and strategist. Most recently she was the Northern California Deputy Organizing Director for the Warren for President campaign. Michelle led a team that was charged with relationship-based outreach to marginalized constituencies while working to secure the Democratic nomination for Senator Elizabeth Warren. Additionally, she has worked side-by-side with municipal stakeholders and legislators to transform the unjust drug policies that have criminalized many in our communities, specifically in the Deep-South. A California native, with deep-seeded roots in Oakland, Michelle has seen firsthand the devastating results of working in silos and continues her commitment to building coalitions committed to change.