Miles Palacios
Political Organizer and Advocate,
Miles Palacios is a political organizer, advocate and policy analyst based in Portland, OR. He has worked for a variety of electeds, candidates and contributes his free time with nonprofits. Miles was born and raised in McMinnville, OR and completed his undergraduate program at the Robert D. Clark Honors College at the University of Oregon. At university, he completed a double Bachelor’s in Political Science and Sociology, specializing his studies in Feminist Theory. He graduated from the University of Oregon in the fall of 2016, defending and passing his thesis Mapping Socio-Political Progress: An Analysis of Voting Records from Washington and South Carolina. Miles serves as the Program Director for a state nonprofit organization, the Oregon Association of Student Councils, called the Capitol Ambassadors Program, which focuses on providing Oregon high school students the opportunity to learn about and engage in local, state and federal political landscapes. He also serves as the facilitator for the organization’s Equity and Inclusion Committee. His career in Oregon politics began with serving as a legislative staffer for an Oregon State House Representative from Hillsboro, OR. Miles went on to work for the current Oregon Governor where he served first as a Constituent Services Specialist. He later was hired to serve as a policy analyst for the Governor’s Carbon Policy Office where he supported the work on HB 2020 and SB 1530 (Oregon’s two most recent climate bills). In 2019, he was promoted to work additionally as the aide to the First Gentleman of Oregon. His work for the First Gentleman included providing policy analysis and development for his Roadmap to the Outdoors Initiative. This initiative was focused on creating more opportunities for equitable, accessible and diverse participation in Oregon’s outdoor recreation. In March of 2020, his work pivoted to political organizing as the campaign manager and field director for state senate races in both the primary and general elections. In his down time, Miles can be found training as a long distance runner, hiking in the PNW, cooking for his loved ones, writing, and nurturing his love of media created by Joss Whedon.