Missy Spears
She/Her; They/Them
Small Business & Community Strategist, Lil's Bagels by Day/Community Activist by Night
Missy Spears is a Covington based activist who uses community and political satire to further progressive causes. In 2014, Spears debuted Keep Your Shirt On Covington (KYSOC), an online branding tool utilized to market community satire and mockery to push progressive issues at the local level. KYSOC’s first grant was for “Cut Your Balls Off Covington”- an initiative to Trap/Neuter/Release 40 stray cats. Spears also developed events such as “The Cov Abides” and “QueerGo” under the KYSOC brand. These themed adult scavenger hunt/bar crawls raised thousands for a number of local causes while exclusively partnering with small businesses and organizations that had a history of giving back to the community. Spears (through KYSOC) also wrote and released six extremely popular local, state, and lgbtq themed expansion decks for Cards Against Humanity that highlighted progressive leaders and initiatives while also reminding folks of our area’s ugly history. In 2018, Spears attempted a political social experiment when she ran a public campaign for Covington City Commission that pushed for progressive policies but disguised them in conservative rhetoric. Missy ran as Republican M Spears, used her own high school senior photos to look more “conservative”, and obsessively followed Roger Stone’s Rules as the campaign playbook. Spears’ attracted widespread attention for her one truly Republican stance: pushing for a wall between Covington and Newport, Kentucky as a solution to the region’s drug problem. In 2020, Spears planned on a legitimate campaign for Covington City Commission but was forced to bow out of the race due to Covid concerns. Spears’ name still appeared on the ballot and despite not campaigning or spending any funds she almost pulled out a victory based on name recognition alone. During the day Missy manages Lil’s Bagels, one of the most progressive and community oriented small businesses in NKY. Owned by local genius Julia Keister, Lil’s sells the region’s best bagels while never wavering on their community activism. Lil’s is heavily involved with the local lgbtq commmunity, a vocal and visible supporter of BLM, organizes monthly fundraisers for a slew of progressive causes, hosted a diverse slate of events pre-shutdown, and is constantly supporting and partnering with growing organizations and nonprofits in the area. Missy is single and lives in Covington, Kentucky with her standard poodle Bogart and a lifesize cardboard cutout of Elizabeth Warren. The lifesize cutout is not why she’s single.