Mocha Macabenta
Wholesale Manager, Mr-S-Leather, Inc.
Mocha Macabenta is, by day, the wholesale manager for Mr-S-Leather Inc., where she manages the international distribution of the iconic SF based fetish label. She manages accounts with retailers worldwide, including some of the largest leather events in the world. Previously, she was the fabric manager for a fashion startup located in San Francisco, in charge of bulk fabric production and logistics. By night, Mocha is an entertainer, event producer, and trans activist. She is very active in the LGBTQ nightlife community, and uses her time on stage as a platform to empower and call her community to action. She served as the first openly trans femme nonbinary Miss GAPA (Gay Asian Pacific Alliance) during her 2019/2020 reign, representing both Prism Foundation and GAPA. During her reign as Miss GAPA, Mocha has pushed for increased representation and visibility for trans/gender nonconforming POCs and femme presenting individuals in traditionally cisgender-gay male dominated spaces. Mocha has a love for fashion, art, and horror. Through her performance art, she uses these three passions to spread self-love and acceptance by celebrating the dark and weird parts of oneself. In her free time, Mocha enjoys taking dance classes and going to concerts. Some of her favorite musicians include, In This Moment, Melanie Martinez, FKA Twigs, Banks, and Tinashe.