Bilingual Navigator, Casa San Jose

Monique Herrera is an essential team member of Casa San Jose, located in (Beechview) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ms. Herrera’s work started long before she became an employee. Her first work with Casa was in community engagement and advocacy for the undocumented community. Ms. Herrera herself is a proud and accomplished Dreamer. Her current position at Casa San Jose is a Bilingual Navigator where she assists the Hispanic/Latino community with resources as well as helping those with language barriers. Her leadership and values have helped her advance in her career and she is now in a position where she is able to assist others in a way that is meaningful and builds leadership in a community that she is very proud to belong to.

Ms. Herrera was born in Acapulco, Mexico where she lived until the age of 4 when she came to the U.S. She was raised in Pittsburgh, PA and has lived the majority of her live here - she is a true Pittsburgher. She is very appreciative of the opportunities she has been given throughout the years and thrives to give back to the community. Ms. Herrera is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters and wife of Mr. Thomas Jeffries.

Prior to her work at Casa San Jose, she was a Youth Care Worker at Holy Family Institute. There she helped undocumented children who were separated from their parents when they crossed over to the U.S. Ms. Herrera quickly moved to became a Record Specialist. While working at Holy Family, Ms. Herrera developed a deep passion and love for helping and educating the Hispanic community about their rights. While doing so, she realized there was a huge need in the city of Pittsburgh in advocating for undocumented children/families. Ms. Herrera is a proud advocate for the Hispanic/Latino community and is committed to providing back and assisting those in need to thrive and prosper