Mycall Akeem Riley
He/Him; Mycall is fine
Coordinator, LGBTQIA+ Resource Center, DePaul University
Mycall Akeem Riley is a liberatory inclined educator and style consultant based in Chicago, Illinois. Currently serving as the inaugural LGBTQIA+ Resource Center Coordinator within the Office of Multicultural Student Success, Mycall works closely with OMSS to uplift and support those who hold marginalized genders or sexualities. Mycall also is an adjunct faculty in the LGBT Studies minor program. The interplay of gender identity, sexuality, and Blackness continues to be a major focus in his work. Outside of the academy, Mycall works to continue to uplift marginalized communities rather than consulting or creating. A major focus has been the Blaq Agenda Project a multiform project highlighting Black Queer experiences. Mycall can find joy in thrift shopping, conversations on taboo topics, artfully curated playlist, and striving for a re-imagined world.