Nadia Kim
Communications Coordinator, The Greenlining Institute
Nadia Kim is an undocumented, intersectional feminist passionate about food and land sovereignty, self-care as self-preservation, and the dismantling of all carceral philosophies, institutions and systems. Her dream is to serve as a trauma- and disability-informed therapist trained in psychedelic-assisted therapy, whose work sits at the intersection of restorative justice, drug decriminalization, and abolitionism. She hopes to serve marginalized communities who are most vulnerable to state-sanctioned violence and harm, yet historically have the least access to mental health and wellness services. Nadia is currently the Communications Coordinator at The Greenlining Institute (GLI), where she amplifies the organization’s policy and legislative advocacy work centering racial and economic justice. At age five, Nadia immigrated with her family from Korea to the outskirts of Los Angeles and resided there until she moved to the Bay Area for college. She graduated in 2017 from the University of California, Berkeley with a Cognitive Science degree. During her undergraduate career, she connected with the undocumented student community and organized alongside them through protesting, programming, and power-building within and outside the institution. She worked in multiple multicultural spaces and served as the Food Coordinator of the Berkeley Student Cooperative’s People of Color unit during its inaugural years. Through working, living, and growing in these spaces, Nadia learned first-hand the vital importance of authentic relationship- and community-building in any liberatory movement work. She holds the values of interdependence, radical empathy, and dignified agency at the heart of all her relationships and working principles. You can find Nadia gardening with her Indigenous Permaculture collective, swimming in a Reddit/Yelp/Spotify hole, practicing yoga and the art and discipline of being (aka meditating), exploring and hiking lowkey trails, and toggling between various books in her free time.