Nathaniel Lewis
Institute Co-Chair, NLC Philadelphia

He is passionate about developing policies aimed at addressing disparities amongst marginalized communities, including criminal justice, economic development, healthcare, employment and education.

Nathaniel understands the obstacles that many individuals face living in impoverished communities. He believes that everyone deserves the right to live in a society that promotes equity and equality for all citizens. He is adamant about creating pathways for collaboration amongst public and private sectors in efforts to create innovative solutions that will promote an improved quality of life; while also creating opportunity for the most vulnerable populations.

Nathaniel currently works at the City of Philadelphia Office of Violence Prevention, working to address gun violence and ensuring that each resident has an opportunity to live an adequate and purpose filled life. Prior to working for the City of Philadelphia, he spent his first four months in Philadelphia working with grassroot organizations to register voters and empower community members to become leaders within their communities and highlight the important issues within their communities.

Nathaniel holds a Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) focused in Health Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a Bachelor of Science in public health from Kent State University.

In his spare time, Nathaniel enjoys traveling and exploring new areas. He believes it’s important to learn the similarities and differences of various cultures while enjoying new cultural dishes every chance he can.