Nkoyo-Ene Effiong
Founder + Principal Attorney, The Effiong Firm LLC
Nkoyo-Ene Effing is the founder and principal attorney at The Effiong Firm LLC, a strategic law and consulting firm that advocates unapologetically for excellence, equity, and education justice alongside communities of color. As a strategic partner, Nkoyo helps caregivers and courageous leaders protect the people and purposes that matter most to them. Whether it is helping a parent ensure their child is well-educated or guiding leaders to run more equitable and impactful organizations, Nkoyo delivers top-notch strategy and support, so her clients continue to meet their potential and ultimately build a more inclusive education ecosystem. As a former attorney at two Metro Atlanta law firms, Nkoyo has practiced with some of Atlanta’s top legal professionals. She has represented clients in complex commercial and civil litigation matters, managed business transactions and employment issues for educational institutions, and assisted tax-exempt organizations with governance, employment, and intellectual property matters. Nkoyo combines these diverse experiences to provide proactive and preventative legal and advocacy services to her individual and organizational clients. Before becoming a licensed attorney, Nkoyo was a fourth-grade teacher in Georgia and a program director with a national education nonprofit. In both roles, Nkoyo designed learning experiences for students and teachers that led to significant academic gains. With over ten years navigating the American public education system as an educator, parent, and attorney, Nkoyo knows how to help committed parents and school leaders design an equitable and inclusive education ecosystem that treats all of its stakeholders with dignity and respect. Nkoyo is a proud graduate of Brown University and New York University School of Law. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and two sons. When she is not lawyering or parenting, you can find her reading and writing or at a [virtual] Zumba class dancing to the beat.