Nneoma Nze
Post Secondary Initiatives Manager, Take Control Initiative
Encouraged by the mission of Teach for America, Nneoma Nze moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2015, and taught for three years before moving into non-profit work at Take Control Initiative. These two opportunities played a vital role in her exposure to knowledge that sparked her interest in understanding how our history can be used to drive fundamental change our world needs to reach equity, justice and economic development for BIPOC. Nneoma Nze is currently a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma in Tulsa, getting her master’s degree in organizational dynamics. She is currently transitioning out of her role as the founding Post-Secondary Initiatives Manager at Take Control Initiative, where she developed, managed, and implemented initiatives for postsecondary institutions to advance TCI’s mission. Nneoma actively engaged stakeholders and communities across varying universities, colleges, trade, and vocational schools in the Tulsa area to ensure that students and older adolescents have access to information and clinical services for healthy preconception practices. Some of her initiatives include the Peer Health Educator Program, as well as working closely with post-secondary stakeholders to identify policies that improve and promote access to healthy preconception practices for their students. In her personal time Nneoma loves learning about activism as spiritual work, listening to a podcast that provides social commentary, fashion, cooking, and being active.