Nyah Macklin
Chair, NLC Women's Caucus; Women's Caucus Liaison

Nyah Macklin is a diversity and inclusion professional who has dedicated their life to creating and sustaining systems of education, government, and society that consistently re-examine and re-evaluate the ways these institutions perpetuate the exclusion of historically underrepresented communities.

Prior to obtaining their degree in African and Afro-American Studies from Brandeis University, Macklin studied in the New Haven, CT public school system. It was here that they watched their fellow low-resourced Black and brown students struggle to excel in an educational environment where budget cuts left students with tattered and outdated textbooks, overcrowded classrooms, and frequent engagement with the school-to-prison pipeline. Macklin's undergraduate studies and background shaped their drive to examine policies that affect urban education, housing markets, and income inequality.

Macklin is a Breakthrough Collaborative alumna and teaching fellow alumna, the first Black woman in the history of Brandeis to serve as President of the University’s Student Government, and one of four women of color to negotiate for the rights of 100 students of color during a 12-day crisis occupation called #FordHall2015. 

Currently, Macklin serves their community as the Chief of Staff to a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.