Peter Vielehr
Lead Research Analyst, Metro Nashville Community Oversight
Peter Vielehr is a police accountability and oversight professional leading the research and policy program for Metro Nashville Community Oversight (MNCO)—the Metropolitan Government of Nashville department supporting the Community Oversight Board (COB). He holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Vanderbilt University where he wrote his dissertation on racial bias in vehicle searches and the collateral consequences of over-policing for the mental health of Black Nashville residents. The COB, with the assistance of MNCO, is tasked with investigating complaints of police misconduct and issuing policy recommendations for the police department. His work at MNCO involves evaluating police policy and training against emerging best practices, analyzing police department data for trends and areas of improvement, developing policy reports that make recommendations to the police department and other parts of the criminal justice system, and managing MNCO’s internal data collection and reporting processes. In addition to his work in police accountability and oversight, Peter teaches sociology to incarcerated students in the Tennessee prison system. His courses focus on empowering students to see their own social position through a sociological lens. As a sociologist specializing in criminology, Peter positions students as the experts in the classroom who have lived knowledge of the criminal justice system as well as social inequality and marginalization. Peter recently married on Halloween 2020 to his partner that he met through animal rights activism. They have fostered dozens of cats and kittens for Nashville Cat Rescue. Peter has been vegan for almost 15 years and loves to cook spicy foods. He is also crafty, dabbling in ceramics, sewing, fermenting, and woodworking.