Rashad Henderson
Financial Services Professional, Self Employed

Rashad Henderson is an independent financial services professional who is focused on helping people improve their quality of life while reducing their overall exposure to loss of life and property. He had spent nearly a decade helping people to navigate the world of insurance from home, auto and business policies to health, life, and retirement. He is currently licensed to assist individuals in 23 states nationwide. Rashad has assisted hundreds of people protect themselves, be it through enrolling them in Medicare and Medicaid plans or advocating for them to receive the medical benefits or filing claims on their behalf. Rashad has learned that in order to be effective one must meet people on common grounds. While every person’s problem may not be original, creating unique solutions designed to suit the needs of the individual will go a long way in cementing trust and creating a long lasting relationship as a service provider. Before beginning a career in the financial sector Rashad held a variety of positions that have provided invaluable experiences that he utilizes to care for his clients needs. His previous experiences include teaching students with special needs and serving in the Army National Guard. When he’s not managing risk he is volunteering with his wife and three children. No matter if it's providing food for those in need in response to the Covid-19 crisis in South Florida or helping in clean ups during hurricane season, Rashad knows the importance of lending a hand in support of others.