Rebecca Agostino
MBA Candidate, The Wharton School
Rebecca Agostino is an MBA Candidate at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to graduate school, Rebecca was a high school special educator in Harlem, New York through Teach for America. After several years in the classroom, she became the founding leader at Freedom Prep High School, a public charter school in Camden, New Jersey. During her five years as the principal of Freedom, she led a team of forty educators to design and build one of the only college-preparatory schools in the city. Rebecca’s experiences in education have informed her interest in workforce development in the public and non-profit sectors, specifically the creation of systems that support vulnerable individuals obtaining jobs that are meaningful and financially sustaining. As a student, she is interning at the City of Philadelphia through the Office of Workforce Development, creating a high school work-ready credential in partnership with the School District of Philadelphia and business community. She has also completed internships at Accelerator for America and Atento Capital. Before her career in education, Rebecca was a Robertson Scholar at Duke University and earned a Master of Teaching from Fordham University. She lives in Philadelphia and enjoys ballet, the TV show Survivor, and being a plant mom.