Roberto Thornton
Senior Investment Operations Analyst, The Vanguard Group
Roberto Thornton is finance professional with eight years of experience in the financial sector. Currently, Roberto is a Senior Investment Operations Analyst at the Vanguard Group, specializing in collateral management of derivatives positions within the global portfolios. Prior to working at the Vanguard Group, Roberto worked in Retail Banking at Wells Fargo and M&T Bank. While at M&T Bank, Roberto helped Southwest and West Philadelphia residents with financial literacy that created successful pathways to credit building and home ownership. Roberto is dedicated to showing visibility and creating a voice for the Transgender community. He has contributed to transgender and LGBTQ advocacy within his place of employment in the finance industry by assisting with transgender employment guides, sitting on company wide panels and being a facilitator for Vanguard’s Out Professional Engagement Network (OPEN) ally workshops. He is passionate about financial literacy within the Black and LGBTQIA community as well as social justice investment strategies. Roberto is an active member of the Trans Masculine Advocacy Network (TMAN), a grassroots organization based in Philadelphia, PA dedicated in its efforts to uplift people of color along the Transmasculine spectrum. He is also a part of the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund grant-making committee and former Board Member for the Delaware Valley Legacy Fund. Roberto is a Louisville, Kentucky native and has lived in Philadelphia for the past 10 years. He is a graduate of the Community College of Philadelphia and will be graduating from Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a bachelor's of business administration in 2021.