Rodrigo Pedraza
Data Technician, Trillium Solutions
Rodrigo Pedraza is a Data Technician at Trillium Solutions, where he provides customer support for transit agencies and companies. Among his responsibilities, he also helps shape the product development of Trillium Solutions’ suite of transit software, by gathering user feedback for the development team. He always strives to provide excellent customer support to ensure that transportation networks around the country are functioning optimally for riders. Before joining Trillium Solutions, Rodrigo held marketing positions at local tech companies learning the finer details of product development and positioning. During these marketing jobs, he became interested in learning programming and web development. After doing some research and self-paced study, he enrolled in a full-stack programming bootcamp and learned the foundations of modern web and software development. Rodrigo is passionate about voting, elections, and activism. In recent years, he has been elected twice to serve as a Precinct Committee Person for the Washington County Democratic Party. In this role, he assists with the party’s voter registration efforts by canvassing neighborhoods and engaging with eligible voters. Rodrigo cares so deeply about voting, elections, and activism that he developed a campaign finance search tool during his programming bootcamp. It allows people to search for campaign finance records of political candidates and campaign committees. In his free time, Rodrigo enjoys working out, reading science fiction, and playing with his dog. He hopes to get more people politically engaged and thinking critically about how they can shape the law and government to improve their communities.