Ryan Hayden-Young
Entrepreneur, MPA Candidate, Business Owner, Self employed
Ryan Hayden-Young has spent his 28 years of life dreaming about a world where people coexist in a manner that is respectful to everyone. In the last 4 years, Ryan is outspoken when it comes to human rights and he knows that fighting with and next to someone is so much more important than fighting for someone. Ryan uses his Bachelor’s in Communication to help businesses grow and craft messages to help people learn. He is currently working to obtain his Master’s in Public Administration so he can move into the public sector and help drive growth toward a better future. Ryan is a business owner and creator, a proud partner to his husband Devin, a political activist helping to educate those to understand their voice and rights, and a driver in the legal community to help those that may have a tarnished background obtain an expungement to move forward in life. Ryan knows that it is important to help lead toward the future and create a positive impact on the lives around him. He hopes to one day drive that hope toward the future on the floor of the House of Representatives in the State of Oklahoma, move into the halls of the United States Congress, and then on to the Oval Office. Dreaming big is a side effect of a passion to change lives and Ryan is no stranger to that.