Ryan Swain
Freelance Archaeologist, N/A
Ryan Swain was born in New Hampshire’s White Mountains and grew up, where he now resides, near the seacoast region of the state. He learned to love with abandon through all his bodily senses and his mind, which made him endlessly curious and astute in his academics. This helped him earn a Trustee Scholarship to attend Boston University, where he initially thought he might begin becoming a microbiologist, but instead graduated with his Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology, a shift resulting from him continuing to follow his heart that also led him to Ireland to study abroad and attend field school. Since then, Ryan has enjoyed excavating on historic archaeological sites in Dover, NH; South Berwick, Maine; and Middletown, Connecticut. He believes archaeology can be pivotal in examining what true progress might really look like in the context of our history as a species over evolutionary time. While continuing to nurture archaeological ambitions, Ryan connected with Senator Elizabeth Warren’s recent campaign seeking the Democratic nomination for presidential candidacy in the 2020 General Election. He activated his progressive community-building potential by honing his canvassing skills and learning how to train and organize other canvassers, for Senator Warren as well as a town-wide campaign to build a new public library. Ryan also sustains deep interests in music and Zen meditation. He inclines toward synthesis and integration across and between subjects, disciplines, industries, and sectors, believing that beyond being enriching, diverse perspectives, sources of knowledge, and ways of knowing not only better elucidate what is true and possible, they also liberate us, allowing equity and flourishing for all.