Sadaf Haq
Business Development, Community Volunteer, Former Candidate for Frisco City Council 2020, Pain Management of North Dallas
Sadaf Haq has a long resume of community service plus a unique background in community and public health. She was born and raised in NY and pursued her education from State University of NY at Albany,NY. She has experience in the public and private sector in the field of Public Health. Having those perspectives has helped advance her career into eventually starting her own business alongside her husband. As a mother to three second-generation American daughters, she is trying her best to instill the values of service through words and actions. Shortly after moving to Frisco, she became involved in the interfaith community and enjoyed the outreach and understanding that were developing amongst different demographics within Frisco. She was fascinated with how the city was functioning at a municipal level and felt the need to be a part of that process. After being appointed to a city board (Social Services and Housing), the importance of being an involved resident became even clearer to her. She’s been fortunate to serve in various capacities and her journey has also leads her to serve on the education side of the city – the Frisco Education Foundation Advisory Board and the FISD Student Healthcare Advisory Council. She graduated from Leadership Frisco and now sits on the advisory council for the program. It was after completing the year-long Leadership Frisco Program that she understood how crucial it was for Frisco to have honest leaders with integrity and made the decision to run for local office. As a small business owner in the healthcare field, this experience of community building has helped grow her company as well. She is a strong advocate of bringing people, partners, and entities together and seeing the increased impact when doing so. She wholeheartedly believes that people and businesses that do good will always end up doing well and that there is always room at the table.