Sadia Khan
Student Parent Advocate, Community Activist and Candidate for BA, University of California, Berkeley
Sadia Khan is a Senior Board Member for the Student Parent Center of UC Berkeley. It is here that she is able to carry out her passion of advocating for student parents, a demographic she is all too familiar with, being a single mother herself. Through this role, she is able to help other student parents navigate their way through the hectic maze of academics while prioritizing their mental wellbeing and providing any additional help or support that they would need. She is also able to advocate for disabilities rights, childcare needs, acquire help in cases of domestic abuse and ensure that there is a significant decline in basic need insecurities. As food is one of the biggest insecurities people face, she uses her role to work very closely with the University Village Bear Panty - a place that provides free food to the Cal community at large. When the pandemic hit, Sadia was faced with finding new and creative ways to ensure her students’ needs were met. She focused her energy on finding grants, community partnerships and other avenues to keep the Pantry open while still following health guidelines. Not only did she implement new safety precautions that allowed the pantry to stay open, she was also able to secure over $100,000 in funding which was used to provide higher quality foods, hot meals, nonperishable items, and even baby supplies to over 300 families each month - a statistic that has since been raised to over 500 families and is still steadily growing. And her efforts did not stop there, Sadia began grassroots campaigns in order to secure more funds to help student parent families overall. Through her passion and commitment, she raised over $50,000 - all of which went to providing both student parents and their children with supplies for schooling. Outside of her role at UC Berkeley, Sadia continues to stay engaged with her faith community, serving as a founding member for the Muslim Student Association West Islamic Sacred Activism cohort as well as the program head for their annual conference. It’s a lot to juggle, but Sadia does it with effortless aplomb while exuding grace under pressure. In her spare time she loves to unwind with her son while playing Mario Kart, painting or gardening. The mother son duo are known for creative baking expertises and supplying their friends with yummy desserts.