Shane Krpata
Founder & Facilities Planner, zDen
Shane Krpata is an activist, designer, politician, Cal alumni, and military veteran. Shane is the Founder of zDen a Berkeley based startup specializing in government and institutional facilities master planning, as well as product development. Shane coined the term User-Centric Design at UC Berkeley, which integrates design thinking into the development of built environments with specific emphasis on prioritizing the social and cultural needs of its users-- including plants, animals, and humans. He is also a Summer Lecturer in the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley teaching architectural and planning design. Shane currently serves as a Planning Commissioner and the Vice-Chair of the Public Works Commission for the City of Berkeley and is Chair of the $100M T1 Bond Measure Subcommittee, 5-year Paving Plan Subcommittee, and Utility Undergrounding Subcommittee, in addition to being on the Southside EIR Subcommittee and as an Advisor on the City of Berkeley’s Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate bicyclist and pedestrian deaths within the city. Shane is also a Board Member of the Berkeley Democratic Caucus and on the LGBTQ Caucus for the League of California Cities. Self-described as a “city nerd”, Shane’s personal interests are in ADA, sustainability, housing, transportation, and public life. He is an ethnographer and advocate for social justice dedicated to improving society's bottom line. As a former Mayo Clinic employee and Army Combat Medic, Shane has prioritized and championed the promotion of health, wellness, and equity passionately in every field of his life since.