Stacy Maldonado
Social Entrepreneur, N/A
Stacy Maldonado is a social entrepreneur committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB), travel and innovation. Stacy's lifelong passions are to build and nurture multicultural communities that embrace our differences and normalize vulnerable conversations in the workplace to help create work environments where everyone is comfortable being their genuine self. Stacy has worked in both nonprofit and corporate spaces with deep experience in education, leadership development, social impact and event management. Stacy is the co-founder of Rooted in Community, and What; a virtual community initiative created to support BIPOC communities to form a more genuine connection during the transition of in-person to virtual relationship building. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Stacy was a Senior Events Manager at Singularity University, where she co-founded & co-led a global initiative focused on building diversity, equity and inclusion opportunities and strategies to connect, uplift, enable and amplify the work and voices of the underrepresented in the SU ecosystem of over 200,000 community members across 75 countries & territories. Stacy also managed Casa Joaquin, a multi-ethnic residential leadership program for UC Berkeley students of color, as well as supported the HOPE Leadership Institute, a statewide leadership program for women who aspire to run for office in California. Stacy was raised in South Central Los Angeles, but has called the Bay Area home for the last decade. She studied at UC Berkeley where she earned a degree in American Studies with a concentration in Consumer Behavior & Globalism. Stacy also enjoys traveling and to immerse herself in authentic cultural experiences.