Tatiana Aristizabal

Tatiana is a freelance photographer with a degree in Art Studio from the University of Kentucky. Her work has been published in ZORA, a publication by Medium, Smiley Pete Publishing, La Voz de Kentucky, Tops in Lexington, Sophisticated Living, and Lexington Herald-Leader. Furthermore, she is a founding member of Latino Arts Blend in Lexington, KY, where she’s been featured in several events focused on amplifying the reach of the local Latino culture. Tatiana has spent the last year focusing on elevating the stories of Latinos in Kentucky and Ohio. As a teenage immigrant to the U.S., she knows firsthand what it’s like to dive directly into unfamiliar territory, which inspires her personal portfolio’s focus on the expression of her view of world cultures. Through her dedication to serving the communities most in need, Tatiana has achieved an uncommon balance between both creativity and respect of other cultures that becomes more apparent with every photo she takes.