Taylor Watson
Business Relationship Manager, Kamin Associates
Taylor Watson holds two positions: she is a technical project manager for Kamin Associates and the communications manager for the Order of Daedalians. In both roles, she serves as a master of chaos control. Her specialty is developing strategic, action-oriented solutions to advance organizational objectives. She especially relishes leading projects where she can develop tools that build on both qualitative and quantitative analytic methods to facilitate strategic engagement. Taylor’s passion for cross-disciplinary, intersectional work is a direct result of her education at the University of Rochester. While there, she developed an interdisciplinary course of study in U.S. Military Policy and Culture drawing from anthropology, political science, and military science departments. Taylor also credits her experiences serving in the judicial branch of student government and living and working in Rochester’s 19th Ward with her vehement conviction in the importance of participating in the political process at a local level. Outside of the office, Taylor is an avid neighborhood activist. For the past two years she has served as the president of the Mahncke Park Neighborhood Association. During her tenure, the MPNA has survived a contentious NCD process, demanded and succeeded in enhancing public-facing engagement for proposed public art projects in neighborhoods, and nearly doubled the number of community-building events as part of work to transform the role and reach of the association. Taylor also holds leadership positions with Tier One Neighborhood Coalition and the San Antonio Heron. Both organizations focus on the impacts of urban development on established neighborhoods and marginalized communities. An advocate of robust civic engagement, she leads several projects focused on enhancing entry points for public participation and data collection strategies to improve neighborhood engagement efforts and citizen activism. Additionally, she is a member of the San Antonio chapter of the Urban Land Institute. Taylor is a proud single lady who shares an apartment in her beloved Mahncke Park neighborhood with her dog Niles and kitty siblings Ollie and Madge. When a spare moment presents itself, she enjoys the local art scene, her bicycle, being outside, endurance sports, and her ever-expanding library of several hundred books. She is also a master pie baker with a reputation among her friends for keeping in touch via routine, old-fashioned phone calls. (She made most of those friends by making them eat her pies.)