Tiffany Melecio

Tiffany Melecio is a visual storyteller, a radical advocate and a fulltime learner. More importantly, she’s a community member. Led by her strong values of togetherness and compassion, Melecio always jumps at the opportunity to build and foster authentic community. Melecio earned a B.A. in English and a B.J. in Journalism at the University of Missouri. After participating in several social justice organizations on campus, Melecio graduated with the goal of serving her community through advocacy. Professionally, Melecio is in a moment of transition. Having previously served as Volunteer Coordinator and later, Case Manager, for a local nonprofit called Casa de Salud. The majority of Melecio’s career has been rooted in the non-profit sector serving the foreign-born population. Melecio aspires to launch her photography business soon, Fotos by Tiff. Currently, Melecio is getting through 2020 with the help of incredible storytelling. Stories have always been a staple in her Latinx household growing up and something that has saved her life in several ways.