Tracy Daniel
Adjunct Professor, Lone Star College System
Tracy Daniel is a historian and adjunct professor of history with Lone Star College System. Earning her master’s degree in history in 2016, Tracy’s historical research focuses on U.S. post-Reconstruction and Jim Crow-era race relations. Through her studies, Tracy recognized the profound difficulty in accessing and attaining African American genealogical history. She faced this difficulty firsthand when diving into her own family’s genealogical history. After researching her family history and sharing her progress with her American history students, she was invited to present her findings (“History Meets Genealogy: Discovering my Ancestry Through Historical Research”) at the quarterly meeting of the Humble Area Genealogical Society. When she is not teaching or researching, Tracy enjoys worldwide travel. Believing that travel provides personal and professional growth, as well as cultural diplomacy, Tracy is proud to serve as a board member with the Wander Abroad Scholarship. This non-profit organization gives deserving college students the opportunity to study abroad by making international education more financially accessible. As an employee of the Lone Star College System, Tracy was nominated for the Adjunct Faculty Excellence Award in 2019. She was also chosen to participate in the Adjunct Excellence Institute, a competitive, system-wide program built to equip adjunct professors with the skills necessary to succeed in academia.