Troy Crittendon
Fiscal Policy Analyst, Governor's Office of Planning and Budget
Troy Crittendon, born and raised in the metropolitan Atlanta area, has seen the city grow and blossom into one of the nation’s top ten metropolises to live, work, and play. Because of this, not only has Troy also witnessed the modern evolution of a city too busy to hate, but he also has seen the results of an emerging battleground for political and civic engagement. From an early age, Troy decided to commit his career and life’s work to public service. Throughout his career in public service, Troy has developed a unique appreciation for the political superstructure, more specifically, how one or a group of people can affect change within the political framework. In 2016, Troy set out on a venture to organize and raise awareness of voter efficacy in local and poverty-stricken communities. In this experience, Troy uncovered the realities of American democracy, that equity and equality are a civic treasure that must be protected and preserved. From there, Troy began to develop his idea of democracy, one that is founded on the idea that all individuals carry unique stories formed by their unique environments, which create our unique society. Troy is a Certified Nonprofit Professional with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Troy also holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of West Georgia and a Master in Public Administration from Georgia State University. Troy Crittendon is currently a Fiscal Policy Analyst for the Governor’s Office and Planning and Budget.