Tyrus Stokes-Ballard
Pharmacy Production Clerk/Trainer; Candiate for BS, Cigna/ Express Scripts
Tyrus Langston Ballard (He/Him/His) is a resident of Willingboro, New Jersey, works for Cigna/Express Scripts, and is a devoted activist and community servant. He is the Political Action Chair and Vice President elect of Southern Burlington County NAACP (SBC-NAACP) a member of the South Jersey Young Democrats Black Caucus (SJYD-BC), a protestor, a member of the Black Lives Matter Global Network, and a coach for the Willingboro/Burlington chapter of the New Jersey Orators (NJO). Tyrus is frequently invited to be a panelist, speaker, and organizer for social justice events. He is a three-time NAACP Freedom Fund Award recipient and was named Democrat of the Week by New Jersey Young Democrats in June 2020. One of Tyrus's proudest accomplishments are his collaborations between SBC-NAACP and SJYD-BC to organize networking events for local activists and leaders. His goal is to continue to serve others and use the experience from his advocacy and knowledge obtained from getting a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership from The Pennsylvania State University to transition to a professional role, ideally in the nonprofit or public sector. Outside of advocacy he enjoys music, traveling, cooking, bartending, and anything that involves food and drinks.