Uroosa Jawed
Development Consultant, Non-Profit Architect, writer, N/A
Uroosa Jawed has worked in philanthropy for over a decade, focusing on transformative projects such as revitalization of the Ruins at Holliday Park in Indianapolis, social and economic empowerment of youth through Indiana Black Expo, advocating for pluralism and empathy building at the Tri-Faith Initiative, and most recently supporting Omaha’s art community through KANEKO. She has been instrumental in raising funds for both local and national nonprofit organizations through capital campaigns and corporate sponsorships. A graduate of Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis, she earned her bachelor of science degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in May 2002. Uroosa is passionate about serving her community through volunteer work and advocacy. A first-generation immigrant, Uroosa moved to Indiana from Karachi, Pakistan at the age of five years old with her parents. A lifetime Hoosier, she now finds herself thriving in the Dundee community of Omaha with her daughter Laila and her son Oliver. A writer by avocation, she served on the board of the Indiana Writers Center from 2013 to 2018. Her poetry has been published in Hoosier Lit magazine and she is currently working on her first manuscript. Her writing focuses on themes of diaspora, and the conflicting parallel feelings of both belonging and not belonging in Midwest America. Uroosa’s favorite things are a bold red lipstick, the click-clack sound of heels to pavement, and the weight of a thick new fiction novel. She is rarely without either. She aspires to help elevate Omaha through creativity and collaboration.