Vanessa Hague
Project Manager, The Conservation Fund
Vanessa Hague currently serves as a Project Manager at The Conservation Fund, where she assists with land acquisitions and manages disbursement of funding for the preservation of bat habitat in Arkansas and Oklahoma. This includes leveraging complementary funding from state and federal partners to achieve landscape scale conservation of over 3,000 acres. Working at The Conservation Fund allows Vanessa to blend her background as a lawyer, as well as her real estate expertise, with her passion for pursuing solutions that benefit local communities as well as the environment. Her additional nonprofit experience includes her work with Black Fret, a music nonprofit that is dedicated to advancing the interests of artists living within the Austin area. Vanessa connected with the founders when the organization was in its infancy, and directly assisted its Founder and President in developing organizational infrastructure to grow and manage the scaling of the nonprofit. This included project work related to refining the business model as well as identifying and building strategic partnerships. In her free time, Vanessa loves to undertake projects that combine her love for the environment with the improvement of local spaces, including building trails at local nature preserves and sanctuaries. She recently volunteered on an advisory committee to draft recommendations for the city’s climate change plan and is proud to have participated in the application of a social equity tool intended to keep people of color and low income communities as a focus of the conversation. When she isn’t working to improve nature, Vanessa is enjoying it, by either backpacking, mountain biking, or running her favorite local trails. Vanessa is also a Level 3 practitioner of Krav Maga and is training hard to reach Level 4.