Wesley McWhite
Policy and Development Manager, Hyacinth Foundation
Wesley McWhite III, a native of New Jersey, is an advocate and community organizer; helping the voiceless find their voice in a world that has grown too noisy to listen. Wesley has spent about two decades working and serving in the non-profit sector. What started in his family’s church as a teenager, cooking and serving meals to the unhoused and families that were experiencing food insecurities, has blossomed into a career as a young thought leader, activist/advocate, policy maker and community organizer that centers “the least of these". Throughout his career, Wesley has worked as a Manager of a community food program in Trenton, Assistant of Operations of a 3,000-member Church and their Non-Profit Organization in Newark, Outreach Specialist to the Unhoused and Unsheltered in Camden, mPowerment Counselor, HIV Counselor/Tester and currently a dual role as Policy and Development Manager for the Hyacinth AIDS Foundation. Wesley’s current work as a Policy Manager is focused on bringing the collective voice of the diverse and vast HIV & and LGBTQIA Community to the table of elected officials at the State, Local and Federal Levels. Wesley also helps train over 100 Advocates annually across the entire State of New Jersey to speak to elected officials concerning public health policy issues and health equity through a social justice and racial justice lens. Wesley also serves as the lead delegate for AIDS Watch, the largest constituent based national HIV Advocacy Event in the Country. He is a serving member of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership, HIV Caucus Federal Policy Committee, National HIV Decriminalization Network, Citizen Action’s NJ For Health Care Coalition, Union County’s LGBTQ AD Hoc Committee and Lead Member of the HIV Policy Network of New Jersey. As Development Manager, Wesley concentrates on telling the story of struggle, perseverance and victory of the HIV Community to private, public and corporate donors in an effort to diversify the donor base and fundraising events for Hyacinth and beyond. Wesley’s dream is to start a Policy Collective and Community Aid Fund that trains and equips Queer People to interact and lobby elected officials at all levels with policies that directly effect and invest in the Queer Communities and Queer Communities of Color. While simultaneously meeting basic needs of food, housing, health, education and means to achieve self-actualization and self-expression through a community fund lead by Queer Folx and for Queer Black Folx.