Will Cooper
Account Executive - Production, Partnerships, & Development, NBCUniversal
Will is an accomplished community, media, business, and leadership professional with a passion for creating a more equitable world through youth development, civic engagement, and responsible and impactful storytelling. In his current role as an Account Executive on a strategic production, partnership, and development organization at NBCUniversal, Will works to drive communication and marketing objectives for large universities, tech companies, hospitals, and economic development organizations. He also has a leadership role in the creation of content that will run on NBCUniversal’s various entertainment platforms. As a content creator himself, Will is the Executive Producer, Head Writer, and Host of the social media content series Politics in 60 Seconds, whose mission is to engage and inspire Millennials and Generation Z to become civically engaged in issues that matter to them. Each video is short, entertaining, educational, and focuses on topics like the Black Lives Matter movement, the student loan crisis, COVID-19, and more. Politics in 60 Seconds has been seen on Refinery29 Unbothered and ENVSN. Will sits on the Young Professionals Board for the Food, Justice, and Youth Development nonprofit Harlem Grown. Harlem Grown aims to inspire Harlem’s youth to lead healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship, hands-on education, and sustainability. He also sits on the Board Development Committee with Harlem Grown. Will is the Community Service Lead for NBCUniversal's Black Employee Network. In this role, he leads youth development initiatives and partnerships for local black-owned businesses and organizations. In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, traveling (after COVID-19, of course), being extroverted (also after COVID-19, of course), and spending time with his wife Kima.