The Zag podcast is the go to listen to hear how progressive millennials are shaping their communities, cities, states, and the country. Each episode features a New Leaders Council alum sharing inspiring stories about their experience bringing their progressive values to life. All in under 15 minutes.

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The Zag: Episode 235 w/ Elizabeth Cabrera
2019 NLC LA Fellow and 2020 NLC LA Institute Co-Director Elizabeth Cabrera joins The Zag to talk about living in a full house during quarantine, onboarding into a new job via Zoom, and taking the plunge into seeking elected office back in her home school district. Don't miss it. 


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The Zag: Episode 233 w/ Michael Deegan-McCree and Michelle Sanchez
2020 NLC LA Fellows Michelle Sanchez and Michael Deegan-McCree join The Zag to discuss being the importance of being anti-racist and resources to leverage to do that. Plus, they share details on how to invest in NLC LA’s Legacy Campaign. Support them here: 



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The Zag: Episode 234 w/ Sloka Iyengar
We need scientists more than ever these days and The Zag found one for latest episode. Don't miss 2020 NLC NYC Fellow Sloka Iyengar as she shares her journey to neuroscience, how she is leveraging science for public good, and what being a NLC Fellow this year meant to her. Don't miss it. 



The Zag: Episode 232 w/ Jourdan Sorrell
Pandemic or not, the 2020 Census is vital for how our communities will receive much needed resources in the next decade. 2015 NLC Chicago Fellow Jourdan Sorell returns to The Zag to update us on Census count. Plus, he shares his thoughts as a black man about the systemic violence hurting his community and our country.




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Origins of the Zag

Ms. Obama spoke with journalist and former NPR host, Michelle Norris, in front of a sold-out crowd of over 20,000 men, women and children of all ages.

She took the stage to the song “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys, which set the tone for the evening. During her two-hour discussion with Norris, Ms. Obama boldly shared some of her most private ups and downs in life both before and after her husband became President in 2009.

She encouraged everyone in the audience to take chances and move out of one’s comfort zone. She stressed how we are “ever-evolving” and how we should approach life as a “zig and zag” path because that’s the journey. 


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